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Our Story

31 represents money, which symbolizes [Lu] in Fu Lu Shou, and 31 also symbolizes wealth and nobility. 91 represents health, which symbolizes Fu Lu Shou [Shou], and 91 also symbolizes stability and harmony. The meaning behind 3191肉乾 is to be rich and dignified, to prolong life, so that every gift you give has a unique blessing and meaning.

A Modern Twist on Traditional Bakkwa

3191 肉乾王子 is a new generation of bakkwa rising in 2019. 3191肉乾 emphasizes the spirit of "innovative packaging, handmade production, and traditional taste". Every bite is a guarantee of quality, giving people an endless aftertaste and meaty aroma. We insist on making bakkwa by hand. 100% pure fresh meat ensures that the meat is hygienic and healthy and does not contain beta-agonist, so that every customer can eat with peace of mind. Breaking through the traditional packaging and concepts in the past, it adopts numbers as trademarks and a trendy design with a simple style.

Unforgettable Bakkwa Experience, Quality, and Innovation

Whether it's for personal enjoyment, corporate gifts, or special occasions, MASSISCO BBQ MEAT PLT is dedicated to providing an unforgettable bakkwa experience. As a market leader in the bakkwa industry, our company continues to strive for innovation, maintaining a strong commitment to quality, and delighting customers with our delectable bakkwa offerings.